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A Culinary Experience Beyond Ordinary

At FrontHAUS Kallang, we weave passion, tradition, and culinary magic into every dish. Our recipes are time-tested, passed down through generations, ensuring that every bite you take is a voyage through time and cultures. Dive into an enchanting dining experience, curated especially for you.

A Glimpse
Behind the Curtains

Take a tantalizing visual tour of our kitchen, where age-old traditions meet modern culinary techniques. Witness the magic that crafts your favorite dishes.



We're proud of our commitment to sustainable sourcing. Every dish not only tastes good but does good.


Our sommelier's handpicked wines ensure that every dish is accompanied by the perfect glass.

Culinary Chronicles

Join us in our food explorations, from sourcing ingredients at dawn to the final exquisite presentation. Our video blogs offer you an intimate look into the heart of our kitchen.

The Pinnacle of Perfection

Every month, Chef Antonio curates a dish that stands out, a fusion of seasonal ingredients and his culinary ingenuity.

Celebrate with Elegance

From birthdays to anniversaries, our private dining rooms offer an exquisite backdrop for your special moments.

Experiences from the Heart

Our Diners Speak

An Evening of Epicurean Elegance Awaits

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For moments that matter, for celebrations, or just a peaceful evening out – ensure your seat at the table. Select your date, time, and let us create memories together.